– 마다 se foloseste impreuna cu substantivele de timp.
– exprima o repetitie pentru aceeasi situatie sau pentru o situatie similara pentru o anumita de timp.
– are corespondent in limba romana pe “de fiecare data” sau ” o data la …”.

– 마다 is added to time nouns.
– it expresses a repetition of the same situation or a similar situation over a set period of time.
– It translates in English like “every” or “once every”

Exemplu/ Example:
두달마다 머리를 잘라요.
Imi tund parul o data la doua luni.
I cut my hair (once) every two months.

오분마다 지하철이 와요.
Metroul vine o data la 5 minute.
The subway comes (once) every five minutes.

주말마다 여행을 가요.
Merg in excursie in fiecare weekend.
I take a trip every weekend.

점심시간에는 식당마다 자리가 없어요.
La pranz, in fiecare restaurant, nu este nicio masa libera.
During lunchtime , every (all) restaurant/s have no seat available.

Substantive (de timp) + 마다
1시간마다 버스가 출발해요.
Autobuzul pleaca la fiecare ora.
The bus departs every hour.

날마다 청소해요.
Fac curat in fiecare zi.
I clean (home, room) everyday.

해마다 외국 여행을 해요.
In fiecare an calatoresc in strainatate.
Every year I travel abroad.

토요일마다 가족하고 전화해요.
Imi sun familia in fiecare Sambata.
I call my family every Saturday.

In conversatie / In conversation :
A : 이번 주 금요일 저녁에 시간 있어요?
Ai ceva timp liber vineri seara?
Do you have time this Friday evening?
B: 금요일마다 태권도를 배워요. 그래서 시간이 없어요.
In fiecare vineri am ore de Taekwondo. De aceea nu am timp liber.
Every Friday I have Taekwondo lessons. So I don’t have any time.

A: 비행기가 자주 있어요?
Sunt multe zboruri (de avion)?
Are there a lot of flights?
B: 이틀마다 있어요.
Este un zbor la 2 zile.
There’s a flight every two days.

A: 컴퓨터가 교실마다 있어요?
Aveti PC-uri in fiecare clasa?
Are there computers in every classroom?
B: 네, 모든 교실에 다 있어요.
Da, toate clasele au PC.
Yes, all classrooms have them.


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