– 쯤 se adauga la substantive care exprima numere, cantitati, perioade de timp, pentru a oferi o aproximare.
– are echivalent in limba romana pe “in jur de” sau “cam”.

– 쯤 is added to nouns denoting numbers, quantities and time to indicate approximation.
– it corresponds to ‘about’ or ‘around’ in English.

Exemple/ Examples:
Substantiva +쯤 / Noun + 쯤

한시 만납시다. /Ne intalnim in jurul orei 1./Let’s meet around 1.
두달 배웠어요. / Am invatat cam 2 luni/ I studied about 2 months.
50,000원 있어요./ Am in jur de 50.000 Won/ I have around 50,000 Won.

De retinut ! /Check it out!
Atunci cand dorim sa exprimam un pret, ‘substantiv쯤 하다 ‘ se foloseste mai des decat ‘substantiv쯤 이다‘.

Ex : 사과가 요즘 얼마쯤 해요?
Cat mai costa merele in zilele astea?
How much are the apples these days?
요즘 3개에 2,000원쯤 해요.
Zilele acestea sunt in jur de 2.000 Won pentru 3 mere.
These days they cost around 2,000 Won for 3 apples

In conversatie / In conversation:
A: 내일 몇 시쯤 만날까요?
Cam la ce ora ne vedem maine?
Around what time we’ll meet tomorrow?

B: 1시쯤 어때요? 수업이 12시 50분에 끝나요.
Ce parere ai (daca ne intalnim) in jurul orei 1? Ora mea (la scoala) se termina la 12.50.
How about around 1 o’clock? My class ends at 12.50.


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